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I wanted to share the Hair & Scalp Stimulating Program by VALMONT on this forum. The breakthrough of this innovative and intensive hair loss treatment lies in its TRIPLE DNA combined with anti-glycation concentrate, intensive complex and anchoring peptides which work in synergy to actively fight hair loss and act as a potent anti-aging capillary treatment.I discovered this line of Hair Repair by Valmont a month a half ago and I wanted to test its efficacy before posting it on this forum. I am, so far, very excited with the results after two weeks of treatment.The Hair and Scalp Stimulating Program has ten bottles of 6 ml and I am using one bottle three times a week. So, the treatment will last 10 weeks instead of the five weeks recommended. So, far, my hair feels a lot more soft and my scalp feels supple not tight and most importantly, my hair loss has reduced drastically. I feel my hair is more alive again. And the thing that I love most about this treatment is that it does not make my scalp and hair oily at all.

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Sayfa: [1]